Monday, July 25, 2016

Darkwaves beyond the 80's (toujours under construction)

Alfredo Andersen
Brincando no Jardim
Alfredo Andersen
Retrato de Dirceu Andersen (1930)
Almeida Júnior
Estudo de nú masculino (1873)
Candido Portinari
Menino de Brodowski (1946)
Tomie Ohtake
Sem título (1965)
Geraldo de Barros
Unilabor Chair (1954)
Ademar Manarini
Pavor (1951)
German Lorca
Cavalo Bravo (1970)

Depeche Mode's Enjoy the Silence;
New Order's Sub-Culture;
The Cure's Lullaby;
The Cure's The Forest;
Depeche Mode's Martyr (Paul van Dyk Remix);
Depeche Mode's Only When I lose Myself (Lexicon Avenue Remix);
Anton Corbijn, Control (2007);

"The Woodstock revolution started in 1966, peaked in 1976, and hit the wall with a thud! in 1980 with the election of Nancy Reagan."
"So good-bye to turn on, tune in, drop out... and hello to the motto of the 1980: Hang on. Hang in. Hang over."
"In the 1960's Dylan sang: 'We ain't gonna work on Maggie's farm no more.' Lennon sang: 'Give Peace a Chance.' In the somnambulant 1980s Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, George Michael kept us moving in the big auditorium-arenas under the watchful eyes of the security guards, but the lyrics are not high in socially redeeming value, while the anger of young activist musicians is limited to the denigrated punk-club scene."
"What do self-respecting, intelligent, ambitious young Americans do [in the 80s]? They perform. They master a craft. They learn to excel in a personal skill. They become entrepreneurs, i.e., people who organize, operate, and assume risks... They are politically and psychologically independent. They are notoriously nonloyal to institutions... black athletes led this evolution."
Timothy Leary
"Who said that drugs will make you smile?"
Tommy Cash

Aleister Crowley's The Book of Thoth:
- 18/The Moon [Pisces, the last of the signs, the last stage of the winter, gateway to resurrection, midnight, the sacred Egyptian beetle (which "bears the sun in his silence through the darkness of the night, and the bitterness of the winter"), "sinister and forbidden landscape," waning moon, moon of witchcraft, "the poisoned darkness which is the condition of the rebirth of light," "prejudice, superstition, ancestral loathing," "the howling of wild beasts," the threshold, "the dreadful madness of pernicious drugs," the dark night of the soul ("an horror of great darkness came upon me," said Abraham)] [from Nietzsche's Ecce Homo: "Rechne ich dagegen von jenem Tage an vorwärts, bis zur plötzlichen und unter den unwahrscheinlichsten Verhältnissen eintretenden Niederkunft im Februar 1883 — die Schlußpartie, dieselbe, aus der ich im Vorwort ein paar Sätze citirt habe, wurde genau in der heiligen Stunde fertig gemacht, in der Richard Wagner in Venedig starb — so ergeben sich achtzehn Monate für die Schwangerschaft. Diese Zahl gerade von achtzehn Monaten dürfte den Gedanken nahelegen, unter Buddhisten wenigstens, daß ich im Grunde ein Elephanten-Weibchen bin."];
- 9/The Hermit [the Hand ("tool or instrument par excellence"), the letter Yod (which is "the foundation of all the other letters of the Hebrew alphabet, merely combinations of it in various ways, and also "the first letter of the name Tetragrammaton," symbolizing the Father, "the highest form of Mercury, and the Logos, the Creator of all worlds," "the spermatozoon"), the sign of Virgo, corn, wheat, Persephone (queen of underworld) (concealed within Mercury is a light which pervades all parts of the Universe equally... one of his titles is Psychopompos, the guide of the soul through the lower regions") ("these symbols are indicated by his Serpent Wand, which is actually growing out of the Abyss, and is the spermatozoon developed as a poison, and manifesting the foetus... following him is Cerberus... this trump is shewn the entire mystery of Life in its most secret workings... the method")];

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