Friday, November 09, 2018

The House that Jack Built's simple equation, metainfinity abyss & parallel topics

from Kurt Cobain Journals
(New York: Riverhead books, 2002);
from Augusto de Campos
Poesia 1949-1979
(Ateliê Editorial, 2014);

The simple equation:
What's the material? 
Corpses, but corpses resulting from atrocity, and from atrocity not punished.
Where does the material take us?
Only hell can punish unpunished atrocity.

Metainfinity Abyss:
But does hell exist?
If it does exist, we deserve it.
If it doesn't, we get it the same way, or actually, we might get it even worse.
[Moon of Alabama's secret:
Don't trust the dwarf.]

Parallel topics:
- icons: in principle they demand some kind of transcendence (even if it is not attainable) (Glenn Gould is an icon, as much as Picasso, Bowie, Jim Morrison and Hitler);
- tigers fearful symmetries;
- Virgil and the circles of Hell (if you were Dante he could eventually bring you to heaven, nonetheless, starting from hell; anyways it is impossible to get out of hell just by yourself) (Virgil is here also Kafka's Türhüter);
- Goethe: usually taken as a humanist, but isn't he the author of the demonic? (the fact that he stays as an oak in the middle of German atrocities, redime German culture or reviles him?) (it is not true that all questions have an answer, this is the very essence of the demonic principle) (Faust, zweiter Teil; Die Wahlverwandtschaften);

Popular Culture:
- fame (vs. icon);
- for if we don't find the next whisky bar (I tell you we must)...
- Hell is a vagina, a cosmic crack (against which white straight men are all victims of their own defensive mechanisms);
- Zarathustra's dwarf (the devil of noon, spirit without shadow);

See also:
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