Tuesday, May 29, 2018

view from Berthe Trépat's apartment (Paris) & Jardin des Plantes: synteresis of a kafklispectorian cockroach (to Luciana Abreu Jardim & Madame J. Kristeva)

"Outside the central chamber lies the subliminal mind, almost impersonal at its melting fringe, but crystalizing, as the phenomenal self is approached, into the personal subconscious with its accumulations of septic rubbish, its swarms of rats and black beetles and its occasional scorpions and vipers. This is the haunt of our indwelling criminal lunatic, the locus of Original Sin. But the fact that the ego is associated with a maniac is not incompatible with the fact that it is also associated with the divine Ground. We are born with Original Sin; but we are also born with Original Virtue... Freudian psychologists pay far more attention to Original Sin than to Original Virtue. They pore over the rats and the black beetles, but are reluctant to see the inner Light..." (A. Huxley, Devils of Loudun). 

"... To attend the Sabbath was to profess openly that one preferred the Dianic cult to Christianity. Moreover, the witches' organization was a secret society which might be used by ambitious leaders for political purposes... Elizabeth and her Privy Council were convinced, rightly or wrongly, that foreign and native Catholics were employing witches and magicians to take the Queen's life. In France, according to Bodin, the sorcerers constituted a kind of Mafia, with members in every class of society and branches in every town and village... The spectacle thus evoked of a pupil of the Jesuits solemnly renouncing his baptism..." (Ibid.).

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pictures by A/Z


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