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Spooky Blue

pictures by A/Z
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Jean-Michel Basquiat
To Repeal Ghosts (1986)
Image taken from Leonhard
Emmerling's Basquiat
Edvard Munch
detail from Night in St. Cloud (1890)
detail from Moonlight (1895)
detail from Moonlight (1893)
detail from House in Moonlight (1895)
detail from Stormy Night (1893)
detail from The Three Stages of Woman (Sphinx) (1894)
Image taken from Ulrich
Bischoff's Munch
Anselm Kiefer
page from Kyffhäuser (1980)
Image from Daniel Arasse's
Anselm Kiefer

A Lung (The Knife);
Code Morel & One Hundred Forty Nine Inches (montage A/Z, for more see here);

"A matéria também sonha."
"O escuro aumenta a solidão e torna o espaço infinito."
"... realidade e pesadelo se misturam..."
"Não há mais esquecimento, nem sono."
Iberê Camargo, Gaveta dos Guardados
"É um sonho doce em transição com um pesadelo."
Júpiter Maçã, A Odisséia
"Cela peut se passer pendant le jour, mais cela se passe en préférence en général pendant la nuit..."
Artaud, Van Gogh le suicidé de la société
"Point suprême, focal ou transcendant, Minuit, qui ne se définit pas chez Nietzsche par un équilibre ou une réconciliation des contraires, mais par une conversion... en passant par le dernier des hommes, mais en allant au-delà..."
"The first room is not illuminated. The pale moonlight is thus blended here with the stronger lighting of the inner room... Everything is transformed into a scenic backdrop... a dreamlike dusk..."
Kierkegaard (translation M. G. Piety)
"... encender una vela, andar com ella por el corredor... nos asomamos a vezes a lo que fuimos antes de ser esto que vaya a saber si somos."
"Selon Cézanne, la couleur bleue est particulièrement indiquée pour représenter l'éloignement et la hauteur dans l'espace..."
Ulrike Becks-Malorny

"The soul is not confined to the head but extends throughout and the body. It is linked to the ancestors; connected with the life of animals, plants, the earth, and the heavens; it can travel out the body in dreams, in trance, and at death; and it can communicate with a vast realm of spirits—of ancestors, animals, nature spirits, beings such as elves and fairies, elementals, demons, gods and goddesses, angels and saints."
Rupert Sheldrake
"Some of the phenomena studied under rather artificial conditions by parapsychologists show only fairly weak effects, but in the real world telepathy may operate much more reliably. For example, I have done studies on telepathy between mothers and their babies, and the mothers often know quite accurately when their baby needs them even when they are miles away. Similarly, many dogs and cats seem to know when their owners are coming home and wait for them at a door or window in a reliable and repeatable way," (Rupert Sheldrake's interview, TBS);

"Satan is pure spirit. He often appears as something else, to mislead. He appeared to Padre Pio as Jesus, to frighten him. He sometimes appears as a raging animal. The ritual of exorcism is not practiced by an ordinary priest. An exorcist requires specific training and must be thought to have a personal sanctity. He can be exposed to dangerous behavior and personal threat. His prayers often cause a violent response as he attempts to shine a beam of light into the darkness," (Father Amorth, "The Devil and Father Amorth: Witnessing 'the Vatican Exorcist' at Work", William Friedkin/ Vanity Fair);
"Prayer is a form of intentional magic, a mental act intended to affect the world in some way. Wearing a sacred symbol is a form of sympathetic magic, a symbolic correspondence said to trancend time and space..."
"Spiritualism, as practiced in the form of séances, was a modern form of the ancient magical practice of theurgy" Dean Radin, Real Magic (Harmony/Penguin 2018, p. 3, 60);
"It appears however that, while significant to him from an intellectual point of view, naturalistic interpretations were not adopted consistently, nor did Crowley remain faithful to them in the follow- ing years. We have in fact plenty of instances in Crowley’s magical curriculum where he makes contact with entities that he is far from considering as mere ‘‘portions of his brain’’ or as parts of his unconscious psyche (as his discovery of psychoanalysis may have lead him to believe)," Marco Pasi, "Varieties of Magical Experience" (Magical, Ritual and Witchcraft, Winter 2011)

***See also:
- "Seeing Dead People Not Known to Have Died: Peak in Darien," Bruce Greyson (Anthropology and Humanism, vol. 35, n. 2, 2010, pp. 159-171);
- "Near-death experiences between science and prejudice," Enrico Facco and Christian Agrillo (Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, vol. 6, July 2012);
- "Metaphysics of the Tea Ceremony: a randomized trial investigating the roles of intention and belief on mood while drinking tea," Yung-Jong Shiah and Dean Radin (Explore November/December 2013, vol. 9, n. 6355);
And also:
- Trondheim (Norway);
- Netherlands (Amsterdam, Utrecht);
- Mário Quintana as I see him;
- Noite Morta (Manuel Bandeira);
- ... l'éternel moustache...
- Nature's Horror;

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