Monday, June 13, 2016

Orlando 06/12... this is not a miracle

"Le propre de la minorité, c'est de faire valoir la puissance du non-dénombrable, même quand elle est composée d'un seul membre. C'est la formule des multiplicités... Femme, nous avons tous à le devenir, que nous soyons masculins ou féminins. Non-blanc, nous avons tous à le devenir, que nous soyons blancs, jaunes ou noirs."
Deleuze & Gattari, Mille Plateaux

"for boys... remember that your older brothers cousins, uncles, and your fathers are not your role models..."
Kurdt Coebane, Journals

"... Pat Garret and Billy the Kid. Esses cowboys são todos cagalhões, no bom sentido, por isso estão sempre 
regulando a lenta, se param de beber perdem a coragem e não sabem nem segurar uma arma..."
Júpiter Maçã, A Odisséia

"lugar maravilhoso da CONTRACULTURA... país que tem o detetive de polícia como exemplo na TV,
e contudo sente paixão e amor pelo gângster no closet!"
Gerald Thomas, Entre Duas Fileiras

... if the locals are, you know, of the mulleted persuasion...
James St. James

I will say something risky, but intelligence is somersault (salto mortal, in Portuguese):
(1) There is no turning back, avoid self-victimization as much as stress over straitlaced/ghetto-like differences***—those two strategies only aggravate prejudice and stupidity. Even Donald Trump had to take a stand against the shooting attack. Hilary, Obama and the media all around the world were clear in their solidarity towards the victims and complete repudiation of homophobia. It is homophobic people who must feel trapped and they will feel trapped more and more, because this is an irreversible path: the basis of the bourgeois nuclear family (a nineteenth-century European bizarrie) has vanished.
(2) Actually, here lies the real problem, and someone too badly affected by a disease such as homophobia might indeed eventually prefer to see humanity itself vanishing just next (thus shame on play-with-fire demagogical politicians such as Donald Trump).  A single kiss is enough to expose in a flash their own world as a house of cards. A routine of beating their wives up is developed long before they depart to massively shoot strangers—everything out of confusion and frustration. Homophobia kills because it is sad and resentful. Nowadays it is desperate. This man was dead long before he killed. He was waiting to be buried. Authorities were (are still) blind.
(3) Wo aber Gefahr ist, wächst das Rettende auch (Hölderlin).

***There is no contradiction in being gay and disliking ghettos. Bars changed a lot since then, but here is what William Burrough's narrator in Junky says: “A room full of fags gives me the horrors. They jerk around like puppets on invisible strings, galvanized into hideous activity that is the negation of everything living and spontaneous. The live human being has moved out of these bodies long ago... Occasionally, you find intact personalities in a queer bar, but fags set the tone of these joints, and it always brings me down to go into a queer bar.” The narrator doesn't go around shooting people. On the contrary, he denounces a spurious strategy of locking up and doing away with gay people even before one comes out to shoot them. This is a deadly strategy of a fearful and hypocrite society. 

- "Mike Pence Booed, Confronted at Hamilton Performance" (Advocate);
- "One in Five Straight Men Watches Gay Sex" (Advocate);

***See also:
- Série, presque à genoux with thread;
- Most Interesting LGBT Movies;
- Pier Paolo Pasolini;
- Boswell, Dover & others on male homosexuality;
Moonlight (Barry Jenkins, 2016):

Queen, Radio Gaga (1984):

Queen, Another One Bites the Dust (1980):

Queen, Under Pressure (1982):

Queen, I Want to Break Freee (1984):

Queen, A Kind of Magic (1986):

Queen, Living on My Own (1993/1985):

"Dee do de de dee do de de
I don't have no time for no monkey business
Dee do de de dee do de de
I get so lonely lonely lonely lonely yeah
Got to be some good times ahead"

My favorite Rock Hudson's pictures (all taken from the Internet):

Je le trouve très beau dans cette photo; 
il a l'air d'être vraiment heureux!

Justin Trudeau: