Wednesday, February 18, 2015

mes yeux consumés ne voient que des souvenirs de soleils (1) — or to seek the remarkable in the commonplace:

Carloto Cotta (Arena, Tabu et Vogue);
Garrett Hedlund (Details, Interview, Variety);
Iván de Pineda (D-Mode, Estilo, Philippe Cometti);
(My) Eternal Br(e)ad, Bottomless Pit(t) (personal archive Angelina certified: "she has taught him he must sin, if he wishes to grow..."/R.E.);
Montage by A/Z, for more see here);
My Dream with Johnny 5 (video by A/Z, for more see here);
Marina Lima (Grávida); 

"... nous devons nous méfier de ceux qui s'accusent devant ce qui est bon ou beau, prétendant ne pas comprendre, ne pas être dignes: leur modestie fait peur. Quelle haine du beau se cache dans leurs déclarations d'infériorité."
Gilles Deleuze
"... only he who can give his love any sort of expression whatever, only he is an artist... the horrors of the adventure!"
"She would be a source of constant anxiety... a sore tooth of which I was aware at every instant."
Constantine Constantius (M. G. Piety translation)
"... l'être photosensible devient la victime consentante d'un progrès qui ampute sa vie privée, l'addiction électro-optique à l'information aliénant de plus en plus souvent son quant-à-soi..."
Paul Virilio
"The carnal interconnection is always found wherever there is betweenness... To feel like seeing a friend is to tend to go physically near him..."
Tetsuro Watsuji

"Plaisir enivrant, comme le tabac ou la drogue, d'être aussi près que possible de la causa sui auto-affective. Naturellement l'auto-affection n'est pas pure. L'autre n'y est jamais pour rien et, dans le temps du détour, au cours du procès, c'est-à-dire en cours de route et de transfert, toutes les catastrophes sont possibles."
"Donner le temps c'est prendre le temps, et le reprendre tout entier, ne laissant, par exemple à Madame de Maintenon, que le temps de soupirer après le reste."
Derrida (Donner le temps: 136)

" parole est originairement passive, mais en un sens de la passivité que toute métaphore intramondaine ne saurait que trahir. Cette passivité est aussi le rapport à un passé, à un toujours-déjà-là qu'aucune réactivation de l'origine ne saurait pleinement maîtriser et réveiller à la présence."
Derrida (Grammatologie, 97)

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Montevideo & Colonia del Sacramento (Uruguay - South America)

Pictures by A/Z (for more see here).
Below you see pictures of the Teatro Solis, churchs (iglesias de los jesuitas e de los capuchinos) and some museums (Figari, MAPI, Casa de Montero, Casa Rivera, Palacio Taranco). The pictures of the streets were taken mostly in Ciudad Vieja and Centro, some in the Rambla. In Montevideo there are other worth visiting places such as the followings: 
- the Cinemateca Uruguaya with two theaters near the city center; in their boleterías you can get a printed version of their monthly program, in the back of which there is a neat and helpful calendar (I find the information on their website a little confusing); 
- the Museu Torres Garcia***** (next to it there is a big bookstore, nice indeed, but I didn't find the clerks very solicitous); 
- a very nice store to buy books and DVDs is Purpúrea in Plaza del entrevero; 
- Linardi y Risso is an outstanding antiquarian bookshop;
- to buy souvenirs, my choice would be Mercado de los Artesanos; they have a store in the Ciudad Vieja, next to the Mercado del Puerto, and other two in the city center;

"'El cubismo... trajo el valor concreto de la forma, aparte de la representación; y también el principio geométrico. El neoplasticismo depuró el concepto de estructura. Por fin, el superrealismo abrió la puerta a lo subconsciente'... la opción constructivista [de Torres Garcia, que pronunció las palabras citadas] no se planteaba en términos excluyentes, sino como aportación a una síntesis de la que no quedaría en absoluto excluido el surrealismo" (Joaquín Torres García, Polígrafa, 2002).

"... différance... the pure trace... to allow the outside of an event to invade its inside, this mark which cannot be thought outside of the horizon of intersubjective violence... the constitution of a free subject in the violent movement of its own effacement and its own bondage... a condition of the structure of the marker's having been cut away from himself... Kilroy was here" (Rosalind Krauss, The Optical Unconscious).

Monday, February 09, 2015

Trondheim (Norway)

Pictures by A/Z (for more see here). 
The pictures were taken somewhere between the hotel I stayed in (Radisson Blu? unfortunately just for a few days!) and Nidaros Cathedral (Nidaros Domkirke), perhaps also on the other side of Nidelva, in the route towards NTNU. This is a very beautiful city. 

"Negotiations between Hitler and the British and French Prime Ministers, Neville Chamberlain and Edouard Daladier, resulted in the infamous Munich Agreement (September 1938), which allowed the annexation of Sudetenland to Germany. The Allies did not respond either to Hitler's invasion of Czechoslovakia on 15 March 1939 or to Mussolini's invasion of Albania on 7 April... The partition of Poland had been prepared in August, when the German and Soviet Foreign Ministers, Joachim von Ribbentrop and Vyacheslav Molotov, signed a non-aggression pact... Stalin's opportunistic collaboration [with Hitler] was underlined in the Red Army's simultaneous attack on Finland. The Soviet invasion of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia followed in June 1940. This coincided with the crushing force of German Blitzkrieg in the west. In April [it] swept through Denmark and invaded Norway, where they met their first serious resistance. In May they pushed through the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg; they entered France on 10 May..." 
Matthew Gale

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Friday, February 06, 2015

Yes, critics do get the picture sometimes!

Foxcatcher is as keen as its subject is supposed to be low. You might not understand why, but you will feel it.