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Who Wants to Be the World's 5th Largest Economy? Plese, STOP THIS SHIT

"L'ossessione dello sviluppo è cosí efficace nel nostro tempo, perché coincide col progetto biopolitico di produrre un popolo senza frattura." Agamben, Homo Sacer

"O progresso é uma ação de despejo em execução."
Iberê Camargo, Gaveta de Guardados

— a description from HELL, that is, of Sao Paulo's public transport system at a time when Brazil was expected to become the world's fifth-largest economy (laurels to right and leftwing politicians, PT and PSDB alike): 

"At rush hour commuters can line the subway platform ten people deep, and when the train pulls in, spitting out a few passengers, the crowd outside will do its best to ram its way into the crowd inside. You'll see people half-emerging from the doors, and still someone will run up and press herlself against them, seeking to enter by osmosis. Station attendants wedge people in so the doors can close. The bus experience is similar, except without air conditioning; bad shocks lurch you into sweaty strangers" (Alex Cuadros, Brazillionaires, p. 10). 


The mistake is the same: to complain against Lula with dictatorship nostalgia & to celebrate Lula as a watershed. Actually, both the military government and Lula embraced a desenvolvimentista program, backed by similar coalitions and even the same companies (with the help of people that nowadays support Michel Temer's government, such as Paulo Maluf and Delfim Netto): "Camargo Correa wasn't the only contractor to acquire power in those years. A few others leaned on regime friendships to grow their businesses—including Odebrecht..." (Alex Cuadros, Brazillionaires, p. 44).

"Since 1970, a fifth of Brazil's Amazon rain forest has been slashed and burned, an area nearly equal to that of France and Germany combined" (Brazillionaires, p. 61-62).

Roberto Saviano (L'Espresso, 2013):

- Getting there: the rush to turn the Amazon into a soy transport corridor (Mongabay);
- Amazon rainforest's final frontier under threat from oil and soya (The Guardian);
- Political upheaval threatens Brazil's environmental protections (Nature) 


You won't see the things displayed in the pictures below in discourses of either right or left-wing politicians. All of them advocate economic growth. You also won't see them in media channels like Rede Globo (#PlimPlim) or RBS (an affiliate of Globo in the South of Brazil), which actually benefit from economic growth, sometimes in the most hoggish way.
But this is what follows an undertow, when the ocean throws up everything people have been disposing of near it.
The pictures are of a stretch of coast in the Northeast region of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. This is a small beach, which used to be clean.
I believe that garbage concessions in many cities are just criminal, almost mafia-like (and we need a Roberto Saviano here to expose them). On the other hand, people cast garbage away irresponsibly, thinking that the government will automatically take care of it.

***See also here "Garbage (Plastic Debris)" for more images of the same region (Torres, RS/Brazil)

Mario Sergio Conti (Globonews) interview avec José Arthur Gianotti (a philosophe brésilien beaucoup plus intérressant que Marilena Chauá et Márcia Turíbulo):

Bonna Petit!!! (A/Z, 2017): 

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Friday, October 28, 2016


Gerald Thomas, Entre Duas Fileiras

Against a communist dictatorship that HAS NEVER existed in Brazil, the right in the country (PSDB, MBL, Globo) has now institutionalized a dictatorship and STATE OF EXCEPTION.

*****This IS SERIOUS: 


The Eighteenth Brumaire of Brazil's 1964:

"Ipês's function was to unite business leaders and military officers in a conspiracy to take down João Gulart... It coordinated with the American ambassador and the CIA. Comparing the Forbes list with one of Ipês's backers, I saw some of the most powerful families in Brazil today—Klabin, Gerdau, Ermírio de Moraes—on both. It dawned on me that many of Brazil's great fortunes contained the traces of crimes committed in the name of keeping the economy free...
A weatlhy cattle rancher from down south, Goulart was no commie, even if he did have radical proposals like redistributing land and capping rents... Radio stations ran Ipês propaganda claiming the Soviets had infiltrated Goulart's government..." (Alex Cuadros, Brazillionaires, p. 39); 


One thing explains why international media keep more or less neutral in relation to Temer’s excesses. The Workers Party really screwed things up. While raising consumerism, both Lula and Dilma backed things such as Eike Batista's Megalomaniac Empire (a bubble of speculative capital) and dealt irresponsibly with notorious corrupted institutions such as FIFA. 
In the case of Brazilian universities, they poured money into a system wrecked by bureaucracy, cronyism and even nepotism. People get undergraduate and graduate degrees without hope for proper jobs. In the humanities, most thesis and dissertations are not even well-written. Generally, they do nothing but help stablished academic cliques to get more funds. It is a house of cards unable to check the fascist mentality fostered by consumerism.*** 
Temer however represents the worse of the Workers Party legacy. Together with PSDB (#PSDBemManiacos), MBL (#MBLixo), Globo (#TVPlimPlim) and Bandeirantes (#Bundi), he hopes for nothing but tightening the belt of the general population to keep exactly the same old system running without major losses for the 0,0001%.

The following was written about a time Brazil was governed by Fernando Henrique Cardoso (#FHCinico) & PSDB: "São Paulo, a terra da desigualdade, onde um carro de R$ 300.000,00 disputa espaço com o catador de papelão, onde o almoço mais caro é visto pelo menino que não come há três dias" [São Paulo, land of inequality, where a R$ 300.000,00 car fight over space with the garbage scavenger, where the view of the most expensive lunch tantalizes the kid starving for three days] (Ferrez, Capão Pecado, p. 173).

***"O problema é que, por uma conjugação única de circunstâncias históricas e culturais, a universidade pública brasileira, que cresceu no Brasil de forma tentacular a partir dos anos 1970, e seguiu num movimento de expansão que prossegue até hoje, acabou por se transformar numa gigantesca estatal, engessada em todas as suas instâncias transformadoras, vítima de uma centralização absoluta, e de fato consentida... a ditadura militar acabou por criar as bases da universidade com que a esquerda dos anos 1970 sonharia: um certo espírito de quartel... Não é meu interesse aqui discutir a universidade pública brasileira; é até possível que esse seja mesmo o melhor modelo para um projeto de popularização de acesso ao terceiro grau, projeto que por princípio joga para segundo plano o horizonte da excelência acadêmica, uma excelência radicalmente incompatível com o modelo..." (Cristovão Tezza, O espírito da Prosa, Rio de Janeiro: Record, 2012, p. 145-46). 

Invasion of MST's school Florestan Fernandes by the police. Wagner Moura's testimony.

Bonna Petit!!! (A/Z, 2017): 

***Brazil after Rousseff's Impeachment, State Violence & the US;
***O Galho mais Alto de um Pau Gigante (Revista TriploV);

- Eike, Cabral e Nem: do Quarteto do Rio Olímpico só falta um;
- Democracia Brasileira foi Corroída, diz instituto francês (DW);
- Brazil is in Crisis (The Guardian);
- CUNY Students Support Brazilian Student Occupations (Left Voice);
- Une adolescente brésilienne pour sauver l'éducation du pays (Europe 1);
- Brazilian schoolgirl's speech on education funding goes viral (BBC);
- Au Brésil un millier de lycées et d'universités occupés contre les politiques d'austérité (Basta!);
- O Grande Irmão: Abin tem megabanco de dados sobre movimentos sociais (Intercept);
- Como foi o ato contra a PEC em 50 Cidades, 18 Estados e 3 Países (Ninja);
- Conheça os bilionários convidados para "reformar"a educação brasileira (The Intercept);
- Tortura em Brasília (Lenio Luiz Streck);
- Educadores se unem a policiais para espionar estudantes (Ponte);

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God Save the Queen (Blake's Palace of Wisdom)

"... e, uma vez, apaguei de repente, caí com a cabeça em cima dos pratos e elas me ajudaram,
com massagens, estímulos e mais drogas, é lógico."
"... virei mentor dum garoto judeu e gay... Eu dizia, você não acredita em nada?
Marilyn Monroe? Elvis Presley, George Harrison?"
Júpiter Maçã, A Odisséia

"Pure experience is an animated state with maximum freedom in which there is not
the least gap between the will's demand and its fulfillment."
Kitaro Nishida

John Lydon & Sex Pistols.
Pictures taken from the Internet.

Andy Warhol, Lou Reed, Nico & The Velvet Underground.
Pictures taken from the Internet.

Kurt Cobain. Pictures taken from the Internet.

Me from Mommy Dearest Photo Album.

Presuming Ed from 
Bruce Robinson's
Whitnail and I (1987)

Anselm Kiefer
Unternehmen Seelöwe (1975)
picture taken from 
Daniel Arasse's Anselm Kiefer

Devenir Musicien (A/Z):

Pillage (A/Z):

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