Tuesday, May 29, 2018

view from Berthe Trépat's apartment (Paris) & Jardin des Plantes: synteresis of a kafklispectorian cockroach (to Luciana Abreu Jardim & Madame J. Kristeva)

pictures by A/Z (for more see here);

"Für den Intellektuellen ist unverbrüchliche Einsamkeit die einzige Gestalt, in der er Solidarität etwa noch zu bewähren vermag."
T. A.
"... es ist etwas an ihm, was wirklich den Glauben verdient..."
"Frau Cosima Wagner ist bei Weitem die vornehmste Natur..."
"Ich selbst bin immer noch Pole genug, um gegen Chopin den Rest der Musik hinzugeben..."
"Ein Andres ist die schauerliche Stille, die man um sich hört..."
"...  J'ai trouve bon de citer tout d'abord deux noms inconnus ou peu connus. La fleur oubliée ou ignorée ajoute à son parfum naturel le parfum paradoxal de son obscurité..."
"... o que você sentiu... talvez tenha sido apenas à custa de não ter opinião precisa sobre os grandes homens..."
Clarice Lispector/o professor (Perto do Coração Selvagem)
"Don't poke your nose into my papers. The smell of ink will poison you."
The New Saying
"... et voilà justement le plan où le pauvre Van Gogh était chaste, chaste comme un séraphin ou une vierge ne peut pas l'être..."
"'Bloom is at the telephone...'
'Tell him go to hell...'"
Herr Satan
"La vraie gloire c'est d'être connu par les conducteurs d'omnibus."
"Volitional effort is effort of attention."
William James

"Il y a plusieurs modalités ou tonalités du oui téléphonique, mais l'une d'elles revient à marquer simplement, sans rien dire d'autre, qu'on est là, présent, à l'écoute, au bout du fil, prêt à repondre mais sans rien répondre d'autre pour l'instant que la préparation à repondre..."
L'Oui du Collecteur de Prépuces, Carte Postale à Guillaume Lapâtre [?]
"... il semble bien que la simplicité crue, sinon cruelle, des interprétations kleiniennes opère une réconciliation dans l'espace psychique de Richard. Peut-être parce que la thérapeute elle-même ne se sépare jamais de cette bonté qui était chez elle un mélange de tact dans l'écoute et d'acharnement à comprendre toujours au plus près de l'incompréhensible..."
J. Kristeva

"Outside the central chamber lies the subliminal mind, almost impersonal at its melting fringe, but crystalizing, as the phenomenal self is approached, into the personal subconscious with its accumulations of septic rubbish, its swarms of rats and black beetles and its occasional scorpions and vipers. This is the haunt of our indwelling criminal lunatic, the locus of Original Sin. But the fact that the ego is associated with a maniac is not incompatible with the fact that it is also associated with the divine Ground. We are born with Original Sin; but we are also born with Original Virtue... Freudian psychologists pay far more attention to Original Sin than to Original Virtue. They pore over the rats and the black beetles, but are reluctant to see the inner Light..." (A. Huxley, Devils of Loudun). 
"... To attend the Sabbath was to profess openly that one preferred the Dianic cult to Christianity. Moreover, the witches' organization was a secret society which might be used by ambitious leaders for political purposes... Elizabeth and her Privy Council were convinced, rightly or wrongly, that foreign and native Catholics were employing witches and magicians to take the Queen's life. In France, according to Bodin, the sorcerers constituted a kind of Mafia, with members in every class of society and branches in every town and village... The spectacle thus evoked of a pupil of the Jesuits solemnly renouncing his baptism..." (Ibid.).

"Sometimes people are so awfully good that their very goodness hides them from other people. They really cannot be on a level with others, and they feel that the others are far below them. Consequently their 'selves' are blinded or hidden by their 'goodness.' It is a sad end to come to! And sometimes it happens that very 'bad' people - just because they are so bad - do not erect any screens or veils between themselves and others. Indeed they are only too glad if others will recognize them, or if they may be allowed to recognize others. And so, after all, they come nearer the truth than the very good people" (Edward Capenter).

["... et je serais maintenant d'humeur à écrire encore autre chose, si le dégoût que j'ai de voir combien il y a peu de personnes au monde qui daignent lire mes écrits ne me faisait être négligent... (espérant alors avoir l'audience des gens du monde, il est heureux d'intéresser, par l'intermédiaire du Résident français à Stockholm, la reine Christine à ses recherches)... Car d'autant que je ne l'avais composé ceci que pour être lu par une Princesse dont l'esprit est tellement au-dessus du commun, qu'elle conçoit sans aucune peine ce qui semble être le plus difficile à nos docteurs...
Les passions de l'âme enfin sont causées, entretenues et fortifiées par quelque mouvement des esprits animaux, eles sont presque toutes accompagnées de quelque émotion qui se fait dans le coeur, et par conséquent, aussi en tout le sang et les esprits..." envoyé par Monsieur Des Lettres, avec qui nous avons eu l'oportunitè d'écrire le célèbre Abrégé de musique]

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From The Book of Thoth (Aleister Crowley):
The Sephirot (plural name) or Tree of Life:
- 0/Ein Sof (not as "absence-of-anything" but as "any quantity that one may choose," "space-time continuum") [only abstract] [similar to Tao, similar to Shiva (?)];
- 1/The Point ("annihilation of two imaginary opposites," "position") [only abstract]; 
- 2/The Line ("but position does not mean anything at all unless there is something else") [only abstract]; 
- 3/The Surface ("measure of lenght," "near each other" or "far apart," "the triangle," "the whole plain of geometry") [only abstract];
- 4/The Solid ("matter") [existential, real] [for Crowley, the zodiac begins here, with the number 4, which is for him Áries (according to the diagram "The Double Loop in the Zodiac")] [four, one should note, is also the number of the suits of the Tarot itself (and of the Court carts)];
- 5/Motion ("active existence");
- 6/Self-Consciousness; 
- 7: has to do with memory (in the zodiac, this is Cancer) (bliss) [?];
- 8: has to do with the existence of good and evil and the idea of justice (Libra);
- 9: has to do with being in its indestructible multiplicity; 
- 10: has to do with the Point building up "the previous nine successive development from Zero"; 
[the meaning of these numbers manifest themselves in the small cards of the Tarot]

The Tetragrammaton (the Court carts): 
- The King: "plus something," "active" (fire in alchemy) [somewhat equivalent to Yang in the Chinese arrangement];
- The Queen: "minus something," "passive" (water in alchemy) [somewhat equivalent to Yin in the Chinese arrangement];
- The Son: a positive substance (like a chemical substance) (earth in alchemy {?}); 
- The Daughter: a substance like light &/or heat produced in a chemical reaction (air in alchemy {?}) (Crowley says "the phenomenon called the Daughter is ambituous");
[interesting: "the ductability of iron is a watery quality," "its magnetic virtue is fiery, its conductivity airy, and its weight and hardness earthy... yet, weight is but a function of... curvature"; the student "must discover for himself by constant practice what (these terms referring to alchemical elements) mean to him"] [the same symbolism is related to the four suits: Wands/Fire, Cups/Water, Swords/Air, Disks/Earth, and it reapplies to the sephiroth: 1/Fire, 2,3/Water, 4-9/Air, 10/Earth] ["It is by going through all these confusing (and sometimes seemingly contradictory) attributions, with unwearying patience and persistent energy, that one comes at the end to a lucid understanding... This is a fundamental exercise in the way to initiation. If one were a shallow rationalist, it would be quite easy to pick holes in all these attributions and semi-philosophical hypotheses, or near-hypotheses..."] 

The Trumps: 
["... it will be noticed that twenty-two lines are employed to complete the structure of the Tree of Life..."; "... the Sephiroth, which are emanations of the number 1... are things-in-themselves in almost the Kantian sense... the lines joining them are forces of nature... less abstruse, less abstract..."; twenty-two are the number of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet... paths of the Sepher Yetzirah...]
- 0/The Fool [troubadour, a foreigner who marries the king's daughter, foolish & holly, a gangster, the dove as the bird of Venus & symbol of the Holly Ghost, Mohammed as an epileptic camel driver, Napoleon as "a megalomaniac provincial upstart," Karl Marx ("three-parts learned, one-part crazy, attic-dweller in Soho"), Percival, crocodile ("maximum innocence developing into maximum fertility, maximum creative energy"), atrophied gills, Harpocrates (god of secrets), Buddharupa, Shiva, Pan ("all-devourer, all-begetter"), devouring as initiation (Jonah & the Whale), "contradiction" between Hegel and Nietzsche, "a gay, careless youth, with a sack full of follies and illusions, dancing along the edge of a pre cipice, unaware that the tiger and crocodile shown in the card are about to attack him," Bacchus ("his constant attendant is the tiger... in all the best extant examples of the card, the tiger or panther is represented as jumping upon him from behind, while the crocodile is ready to devour him in front... a young virile but effeminate man"), the Baphomet, early-Christian obscene representations of the Virgin Mother, mathematical paradoxes...];
- 1/Le Bâteleur (The Magician) [will, electric charge, Mercury, ibis, cunning, ambiguity, letter Beth] [above the abyss];
- 2/The High Priestess [Moon, connection between father and son, "the most spiritual form of Isis the Eternal Virgin," Artemis, "she is huntress, and hunt by enchantment," symbol of "the intelligible radiance of the holy guardian angel," "the highest initiation"] [above the abyss];
- 3/The Empress [Venus, love, the alchemical symbols of salt, "a living form of the holy grail," "sparrow and dove," "the pelican of tradition feeding its young from the blood of its own heart," "the white eagle of the alchemist," "there is no break between light and darkness, natura non facit saltum," quantum theory of fields (?)] [above the abyss];
- 4/The Emperor [the sign of Aries, "energy in its most material form," the ram ("wild and courageous animal, lonely in lonely places"), the alchemical symbol of sulfur, paternal power, the bee, "suden, violent but impermanent activity" that "burns and destroys if persist too long"] [bellow the abyss];
- 5/The Hierophant [Taurus, magical pentagram, Venus, sadismo (Phasiphae)];
- 6/The Lovers [divergent series, Gemini ruled by Mercury (relation to card one), the arch of swords, solve et coagula, Cain (& Abel), Lilith, "the Protean element of carbon, the seed of all organic life... the essence of all that life which comes under this formula of male and female... a complete glyph of the equilibrium necessary to begin the great work... but the nature of life is concealed, dependant upon the influences attendant on gestation," Cupid];
- 7/The Chariot [Cancer (moon, relation to card two), summer solstice (Northern hemisphere), water, the Holy Grail, full moon];
- 8/Adjustement [Libra, Venus/Saturno, adjustment ("the daughter, redeemed by her marriage with the Son, is thereby set up on the throne of the mother"), "the feminine complement of the Fool," "the secret course of judgment whereby all current experience is absorbed, transmuted, and ultimately passed on, by virtue of the operation of the Sword, to further manifestation," "at the corner of the card, are indicated balanced spheres of light and darkness, and constantly equilibrated rays from these spheres form a curtain, the interplay of all those forces which she sums up and adjudicates," "equilibrium stands apart from any individual prejudices... Nature is scrupulously just, it is impossible to drop a pin without exciting a corresponding reaction in every star," "she is the ultimate illusion which is manifestation; she is the dance, many-coloured, many-wiled, of Life itself, constantly whirling, the phantom show" (***wasn't Nietzsche a Libran? Yes! He was born 15 October {"Zur Aufgabe einer Umwerthung der Werthe waren vielleicht mehr Vermögen nöthig, als je in einem Einzelnen bei einander gewohnt haben, vor Allem auch Gegensätze von Vermögen, ohne daß diese sich stören, zerstören dürften..."}; in what matters A/Z himself, the regents of solar sign and ascendent are in Libra, and almost everything is in the VII house, see here), karma (Eastern philosophy), "Saturn represents above all the element of time... all action and reaction take place in time" (phenomena are compensated by time)];
- 9/The Hermit [the Hand ("tool or instrument par excellence"), the letter Yod (which is "the foundation of all the other letters of the Hebrew alphabet, merely combinations of it in various ways, and also "the first letter of the name Tetragrammaton," symbolizing the Father, "the highest form of Mercury, and the Logos, the Creator of all worlds," "the spermatozoon"), the sign of Virgo, corn, wheat, Persephone (queen of underworld) (concealed within Mercury is a light which pervades all parts of the Universe equally... one of his titles is Psychopompos, the guide of the soul through the lower regions") ("these symbols are indicated by his Serpent Wand, which is actually growing out of the Abyss, and is the spermatozoon developed as a poison, and manifesting the foetus... following him is Cerberus... this trump is shewn the entire mystery of Life in its most secret workings... the method")];
- 10/Fortune [Jupter, luck ("the incalculable factor"), "a wheel of ten spokes, according to the number of the Sephiroth, and of the sphere of Malkuth, indicating governance of physical affairs," "the lightnings which destroy, also beget, the wheel may be regarded as the Eye of Shiva... whose opening annihilates the Universe"];
- 11/Lust ["the joy of strength exercised" (vigour), "I am the Snake that giveth Knowledge & Delight and bright glory, and stir the hearts of men with drunkenness," "these be grave mysteries; for there are also of my friends who be hermits," the sign of Leo ("the most powerful of the twelve Zodiacal cards, and represents the most critical of all the operations of magick and of alchemy"), marriage as it occurs in nature (as opposed to Atu VI, more artificial), incarnation ("the essential of all such stories was to deny human fatherhood to the hero"), the woman & the lion/serpent), "divine drunkness" or "ecstasy," "energy of the primitive, creative order" {remember the mathematical relation to Atu II}];
- 12/The Hanged Man [water, "spiritual function of water in the economy of initiation" (baptism), triangle surmounted by the cross ("descent of light into the darkness in order to redeem it"), the colour green, Venus, rose & cross, "in this inferior darkness of death, the serpent of new life begins to stir," "the whole idea of sacrifice is a misconception of nature... but water is the element of illusion," "the moribund god," "to treat animals and children with absolute respect... worship," "return to the nuit" ("this card is therefore specially sacred to the mystic"), "intrauterine existence," the ark & the flood, "the sword slays the god that his head may be offered on a plate," wine on chalice];
- 13/Death [the letter Nun, fish ("life beneath the waters"), Scorpio ("one of the two most powerful signs in the Zodiac," but which is divided in three parts: scorpio {which willingly commits suicide when the strain of the environment becomes intolerable}, snake, {the sacred lord of life & death, undulation, male energy, completion of the Atu XI}, eagle {"exaltation above solid matter," vapour}), Mars' "fiery energy in its lower form," putrefaction (essentially represented by the three parts of Scorpio), the dance of death (Saturn, however not overtly connected with Scorpio), related also to Atu XV (misunderstood by the corrupted tradition), secret doctrine ("Christ was represented as a fish," "fish is sacred to Mercury, because of its cold-bloodedness, its swiftness and its brilliance"), sexual symbolism, "a compendium of universal energy in its most secret form"];
- 14/Art ["the complement and the fulfilment of Atu Gemini, VI," Saggitarius, the archer, Diana the huntress (a form Isis, Atu II, Atu III), "satisfaction of desire"... assimilation of an "equal opposite,"  "the mingling of contradictory elements in the cauldron," "the fertility of earth is maintained by rain and sun," "the marriage of water and fire," fallow earth, two rainbows, vitriol];
- 15/The Devil [Capricornus ("the zenith, most exalted of signs," "goat leaping with lust upon the summits of earth"), Saturn ("selfhood and perpetuity"), Mars exalted, the Baphomet, Pan ("the complete appreciation of all existing things... the rugged and the barren no less than the smooth and the fertile," "transcends all limitations), creative energy in its most material form, "pure will, unassuaged of purpose" ("rough, harsh, dark, even blind"), "male creative energy," Satan, barren places, high places, the highest things, the most remote, spiral horns, spiral forces];
- 16/The Tower [Mars, "cosmic energy in its grossest form," "Shiva... dancing over the bodies of its devotees," "emancipation from the prison of organized life," the eye of Horus, the eye of Shiva ("on the opening of which the universe is destroyed")];
- 17/The Star [Aquarius ("the water bearer"), the great mother ("the great sea is upon the shore of the fertile land... between sea and land is the abyss... hidden by the clouds, which whirls as a development of her hair," "the blindness of humanity to all the beauty and wonder of the Universe is due to the illusion of straightness"), "the scarlet woman, the sacred harlot who is the lady of Atu XI," "peace unutterable, rest, ecstasy" {remember the mathematical relation to Atu VIII}, daughter of sunset ("the naked brilliance of the voluptuous night-sky")];
- 18/The Moon [Pisces, the last of the signs, the last stage of the winter, gateway to resurrection, midnight, the sacred Egyptian beetle (which "bears the sun in his silence through the darkness of the night, and the bitterness of the winter"), "sinister and forbidden landscape," waning moon, moon of witchcraft, "the poisoned darkness which is the condition of the rebirth of light," "prejudice, superstition, ancestral loathing," "the howling of wild beasts," the threshold, "the dreadful madness of pernicious drugs," the dark night of the soul ("an horror of great darkness came upon me," said Abraham)] [from Nietzsche's Ecce Homo: "Rechne ich dagegen von jenem Tage an vorwärts, bis zur plötzlichen und unter den unwahrscheinlichsten Verhältnissen eintretenden Niederkunft im Februar 1883 — die Schlußpartie, dieselbe, aus der ich im Vorwort ein paar Sätze citirt habe, wurde genau in der heiligen Stunde fertig gemacht, in der Richard Wagner in Venedig starb — so ergeben sich achtzehn Monate für die Schwangerschaft. Diese Zahl gerade von achtzehn Monaten dürfte den Gedanken nahelegen, unter Buddhisten wenigstens, daß ich im Grunde ein Elephanten-Weibchen bin."];
- 19/The Sun ["one of the simplest of the cards," "the lord of light, life, liberty and love," "the complete emancipation of the human race" ("the male and female, eternally young, shameless and innocent"), the "broadening of the idea of the rose and cross" ("the restriction of such ideas as sin and death in their old sense has been abolished," "the limitation of mundane law has disappeared," "the creative energy of the cross expands freely")];
- 20/The Aeon [the stele of revealing, "around the top of the card is the body of the star-goddess, who is the category of unlimited possibility; her mate is... the ubiquitous point-of-view, the only philosophically tenable conception of reality... as a result of the marriage of these two, the child Horus is born... double god," the birth of the Aeon (1904) ("the time seems to be indicated by great concentration of political power with the accompanying improvements in the means of travel and communication, with a general advance in philosophy and science, with a general need of consolidation in religious thought... it is a thought far from comforting to the present generation, that 500 years of Dark Ages are likely to be upon us... fortunately, today we have brighter torches and more torch- bearers")];
- 21/The Universe [complement of the Fool, nothing (which is not absence of anything, see "0" above) in complete expansion, blackness attributed to the sun, Osiris as a black god (Saturn, the old god, the god of fertility, the sea, the great mother) {remember mathematical relation to Atu 3}, equilibrium/identification between change and stability," "manifestation and accomplishment of the Fool, ready to return" (between the Fool and the Universe, all the cards "exhibit the great work")];