Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday's Afterthought & List of Infamous Brazilian Esquerdofrênicos***

- Bonna Petit!!! (A/Z 2017, for more see here)
- "Planfetando Brasil Paralelo 64"/ Arthur Mamãe Falei (04/23/2019) [or how a banana joker ensnared (while almost being killed) a bunch of deranged leftwing students in the Brazilian time-honoured Harvard of the South];
- Mangabeira Unger's definition of Brazilian Workers Party (PT) governments as a kind of national-consumerism in which only consumption was democratized, with a backsliding on the quality of Brazilian production (regressing to the exportation of cheap commodities like soy), and no real transformation and upgrading in educational areas (he also criticises the dependence of other Brazilian governments on foreign capital, defending, however, the necessity of fiscal balance);
Ultraje a Rigor: Rebelde Sem Causa;
***The second video is heinous [Planfetando Brasil Paralelo 64], but it unfortunately exposes the plain stupidity and heedlessness of the left which just fell for it. And, more important, it also shows the level of totally absurd political polarization the Brazilian left (together with the Brazilian far-right) have conspicuously contributed to here install. The behaviour of the students should be considered unacceptable, but it seems the institution itself is totally oblivious to their demeanour. One should note that Luciana Genro (the professional politician), who is far from being a fool (although the other speaker does bubble more like a fountain of clichés) refrains from any action after she realizes what's going on. But in the beginning of the footage she did sound dogmatic (not to say that her inferences are simply false). It is on account of things like this that the traditional left (which now includes PSOL) lost the 2018's election for a crazy demagogue having the support of the majority of the population. While the left (specially the academic left) is unable to rescue consistently and in itself values which are explicitly democratic, it is going to be limited to these increasingly reduced, secluded and reactive entourages. And what is worse, when it regain power it will be for a price totally unworthy to pay.

"Or le poëte n'est d'aucun parti. Autrement, il serait un simple mortel..."
"Je sais que l'amant passionné du beau style s'expose à la haine des multitudes."
Charles Baudelaire

"Unbedingt jasagend, mich sogar in dem verschärfend, was ich über die Sprach-Verlumpung in Deutschland zu sagen gewagt hatte (—heute spielen sie die Puristen und können keinen Satz mehr bauen—), in gleicher Verachtung gegen die 'ersten Schriftsteller dieser Nation, endete er damit, seine Bewunderung für meinen Muth auszudrücken — jenen 'höchsten Muth, der gerade die Lieblinge eines Volks auf die Anklagebank bringt'... Man schweigt, man behandelt mich in Deutschland mit einer düstern Vorsicht: ich habe seit Jahren von einer unbedingten Redefreiheit Gebrauch gemacht, zu der Niemand heute, am wenigsten im 'Reich', die Hand frei genug hat. Mein Paradies ist 'unter dem Schatten meines Schwertes.'"

Sociology should have stopped short with Durkheim and then we would have been spared a load of bollocks—says an old motto dear to me and Miriam Leitão.
I found this neat sentence in the dossier "Estruturas da Crise Política" (revista Cult, n. 206, October 2015, p. 32 ): 
"... the groups that better consolidated themselves in the progressive side were those that emerged in contexts where there were no real or remote possibility of participating in elections, as in Tsarist Russia... [os grupos que mais se fortaleceram no campo progressista foram aqueles que justamente surgiram em um contexto onde não existia a possibilidade real ou remota de participar em eleições, como na Russia czarista...]" 
What the hell these people have got on their heads I certainly don't know—it seems to me that the slack formulation has clearly gross antidemocratic implications that the author didn’t dare to bring forward. What is for sure is that people who work in this magazine do not tell the difference between hyphens and dashes. I want my money back (the magazine cost me 14 reais)!!
PS: If you really wanna learn something about the hell of being poor in Brazil, or about the "social wall that divides the country," read Ferréz or Rubem Fonseca (they are brilliant and for real; see also José Padilha's Garapa).

*****The list (under construction):
- Luís Carlos Prestes, for having "shaken hands with Getúlio Vargas," and for having "proposed him a political coalition, a few years after the dictator had handled down Prestes pregnant wife to Gestapo." See Érico Veríssimo, O Tempo e o Vento. O Arquipélago. Vol. 2. São Paulo: Editora Globo, 2001, p. 740.
- Roberto Schwarz, for having published Um Mestre na Periferia do Capitalismo when people had had enough with Ao Vencedor as Batatas, a just reasonable book.
- Márcia Tiburi (or Turíbulo), for not doing her homework and for disguising under a byzantine flux of freewheeling journalese and pseudo-Frankfurtian jargon so much shallow if matriarchal platitudes of the Paleolithic left (she now fares worse than Habermas as “disciple” of Adorno); 
- Fanny Richard (Marieta Severo), for her orgasmic nymphomaniac death (after two bottles of hooch and many years in the pocket) in the final chapter of Verdades Secretas [Secret Truths] (Rede Globo 2015 soap opera). 
- Geraldo Vandré & Marilena Chaui (said to be the same person under different professionalities).
- Diná Coelho, also known as "Eminência Parda" (Totally Appalling Eminence) for lamentable use of Araldite in the most damaging deplorable circumstances.

***Esquerdofrênicos—the word is not mine. I borrow it from Augusto de Campos. It is a pun on the Portuguese words for "schizophrenics" [esquizofrênicos] and "leftists" [esquerdistas]. See Campos' Verso, Reverso, Controverso. São Paulo: Perspectiva, 2009, p. 70 ("Por mais que isso escandalize os esquerdofrênicos, são muitas as semelhanças de temperamento e concepção poética entre Pound e Maiakóvski"). 
PS: Advise from the Council of Old & Not So Dampered International Writers to Presidenta Dilma Rousseff (or whoever assumes her post) concerning Patria Educadora [Educating Motherland]: 
"The fogged language of swindling classes serves only a temporary purpose... A people that grows accustomed to sloppy writing is a people in process of losing grip on its empire and on itself. And this looseness and blowsiness is not anything as simple and scandalous as abrupt and disordered syntax" (Pound, ABC of Reading, p. 33-34).
"A nation which neglects the perceptions of its artists declines. After a while it ceases to act, and merely survives. There is probably no use in telling this to people who can't see it without being told" (p. 82).

List of Brazilian Direitopatas (right-winger + psychopath) (also under construction, but this is longer)
(don't include torturers, demagogues, politicians, thieves, neither anonymous coxinhas, who in Brazil are legion):
- Kim Kataguiri (Brazilian indeed & not really dangerous despite the name);
- Odete Roitman;
- William Waack, for his no mean achievement in developing a haughty politeness and deep understanding shortsightedness (Globo shooting star, dangerous as a clown);

"É uma sensação inédita, a de acordar em 2020 e descobrir que, por uma insólita química, esquerda e direita se tornaram uma coisa só. O símbolo dessa simbiose é Eduardo Fauzi Richard Cerquise, ativista integralista, correligionário de Jair Bolsonaro no PSL e terrorista que, há duas semanas, atirou a bomba na produtora do grupo Porta dos Fundos. Na ficha de Cerquise, consta ter sido preso como black bloc nas manifestações de 2013 e defendido pela infame Sininho, militante próxima do deputado Marcelo Freixo, do PSOL,"  "Esquerdireita: Lula e Bolsonaro fizeram de esquerda e direita uma coisa só" (Ruy Castro/ Folha de São Paulo);

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