Friday, November 13, 2015


Most of the pictures were taken somewhere along the street Nowy Świat, in between Muzeum Narodowe and nearby Rynek Starego Miasta. There are many churches in this region, and they are certainly worth visiting. Many pictures were taken inside the Muzeum Narodowe and inside Muzeum Fryderyka Chopina.   

"But unlike the world of mechanical
production, where a machine is one thing
and its product is another, removed from it,
discrete, separate, the desiring production of
the part-objects is a process in which there is
no distinction between production and product.
For the flows produced by one machine, the 
breast, say, provide the continuum into which 
the next machine, the mouth, can cut, thereby
setting up the precondition of the mechanical, 
which is to articulate matter..." (Rosalind
Krauss, The Optical Unconsciouss);

"... this misunderstanding occurred
because we were near the cliff around
noon, when there were no shadows..."
(Lisa Randall, Warped Passages; cf
Also sprach Zarathustra & der Zwerg)

- "Poland's first openly gay politician says progressives can win" (The Guardian);

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