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Most of the pictures were taken somewhere along the street Nowy Świat, in between Muzeum Narodowe and nearby Rynek Starego Miasta. There are many churches in this region, and they are certainly worth visiting. Many pictures were taken inside the Muzeum Narodowe and inside Muzeum Fryderyka Chopina. For more see here.

"... the group's original name, Warsaw, was chosen mainly because of Polish capital's associations with World War II (the uprising of the Jewish ghetto, the razing of the Old City) and the Eastern Bloc (Soviet totalitarianism, the cold war). Like the word 'Berlin,' 'Warsaw' conjured mind's-eye imagery of desolate urban space: a city rebuilt rapidly after wartime devastation, all spartan apartment high-rises, government ministries straight out of Orwell's 1984, and disquietingly wide streets designed to allow for the passage of Russian tanks... Joy division came from House of Dolls..."
Simon Reynolds (Rip It Up)
"Negotiations between Hitler and the British and French Prime Ministers, Neville Chamberlain and Edouard Daladier, resulted in the infamous Munich Agreement (September 1938), which allowed the annexation of Sudetenland to Germany. The Allies did not respond either to Hitler's invasion of Czechoslovakia on 15 March 1939 or to Mussolini's invasion of Albania on 7 April... The partition of Poland had been prepared in August, when the German and Soviet Foreign Ministers, Joachim von Ribbentrop and Vyacheslav Molotov, signed a non-aggression pact... Stalin's opportunistic collaboration [with Hitler] was underlined in the Red Army's simultaneous attack on Finland. The Soviet invasion of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia followed in June 1940. This coincided with the crushing force of German Blitzkrieg in the west. In April [it] swept through Denmark and invaded Norway, where they met their first serious resistance. In May they pushed through the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg; they entered France on 10 May..."
Matthew Gale

"Joyce said, 'They had better hurry. War is going to break out, and nobody will be reading my book anymore.' On March 15 Hitler took over what remained of Czechoslovakia, and soon after seized Memel from Lithuania, extorted concessions from Rumania, and demanded from Poland Danzig and a way through the Polish Corridor. Joyce decided to move again, from the flat at 7 rue Edmond Valentin which, without Lucia, was too large, to another at 34 rue de Vignes."
Richard Ellmann

"... o que você sentiu... talvez tenha sido apenas à custa de não ter opinião precisa sobre os grandes homens..."
Clarice Lispector/o professor (Perto do Coração Selvagem)
"Schon meiner Abkunft nach ist mir ein Blick erlaubt jenseits aller bloß lokal, bloß national bedingten Perspektiven, es kostet mich keine Mühe, ein 'guter Europäer' zu sein. Andrerseits bin ich vielleicht mehr deutsch, als jetzige Deutsche, bloße Reichsdeutsche es noch zu sein vermöchten,—ich, der letzte antipolitische Deutsche. Und doch waren meine Vorfahren polnische Edelleute: ich habe von daher viel Rassen-Instinkte im Leibe, wer weiß? zuletzt gar noch das liberum veto. Denke ich daran, wie oft ich unterwegs als Pole angeredet werde und von Polen selbst, wie selten man mich für einen Deutschen nimmt, so könnte es scheinen, daß ich nur zu den angesprenkelten Deutschen gehörte."
Nietzsche [traditionelle Version]
"Ich bin ein polnischer Edelmann pur sang, dem auch nicht ein Tropfen schlechtes Blut beigemischt ist, am wenigsten deutsches... als Pole bin ich ein ungeheurer Atavismus. Man würde Jahrhunderte zurückzugehn haben, um diese vornehmste Rasse, die es auf Erden gab, in dem Masse instinktrein zu finden, wie ich sie darstelle. Ich habe gegen Alles, was heute noblesse heisst, ein souveraines Gefühl von Distinktion, — ich würde dem jungen deutschen Kaiser nicht die Ehre zugestehn, mein Kutscher zu sein. Es giebt einen einzigen Fall, wo ich meines Gleichen anerkenne — ich bekenne es mit tiefer Dankbarkeit. Frau Cosima Wagner ist bei Weitem die vornehmste Natur; und, damit ich kein Wort zu wenig sage, sage ich, dass Richard Wagner der mir bei Weitem verwandteste Mann war… Der Rest ist Schweigen…"
Nietzsche [kritische Version]

- "The extreme partisanship and toxic rhetoric of Poland’s state media, controlled directly by Law and Justice (PiS) since its victory in parliamentary elections in 2015, has shocked Polish moderates and garnered international attention and criticism. Observers note that a contested result would have been adjudicated by a controversial chamber of the country’s supreme court packed with PiS loyalists appointed by Duda himself," "It feels like it's game over': Polish liberals despair after Duda's win" (Christian Davies/The Guardian);
- "PiS won power in 2015 and embarked on an agenda that has mixed rightwing populist rhetoric on social and cultural issues with increased government spending. Duda has been a loyal ally, signing off on almost all of the PiS legislative programme, as the government has been accused of democratic backsliding and weakening the rule of law by European officials and civil society organisations," "Poland Set for dirty political campaign before presidential run-off" (Shaun Walker /The Guardian)
-  "Since winning power in 2015, PiS has moved to snuff out opposition not only through controlling the public broadcaster but by using taxpayers’ money to pay women to have more children and to increase pensions. It has also used its power to erode the independence of the judiciary by interfering in the appointment of judges and forcing them into early retirement," "Poland's Retreat from Europe" (Judy Dempsey/Carnegie Europe)

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