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Sonatine (Takeshi Kitano, 1993), Masahiro Shinoda & the tyranny of evil men

Kawaita Hana (Masahiro Shinoda, 1964);
Tarantino's Kill Bill;
Pulp Fiction (Quentin Tarantino, USA, 1994);
Blue Velvet (David Lynch, 1986);
La Terra Trema (Visconti, 1948);

Cabra Marcado para Morrer (Eduardo Coutinho, Brazil, 1964-84):
João Mariano interpreting Joao Pedro Teixeira, "ambushed and killed on April 2nd, 1962 by two soldiers of the Military Police. Another participant was a cowhand from landowner Agnaldo Veloso Borge’s ranch. The judge in Sape (Paraiba, Brazil) ordered Agnaldo’s arrest as one of the instigators of the crime. But he got off by taking a chair on the Legislative Assembly. Agnaldo was the fifth vice-deputy. One deputy and 4 vices resigned to allow him into office. In March, 1965 the two policemen who killed Joa Pedro were unanimously acquitted by the jury."
"'You and the kids are here. You’ve got the pictues as a souvenir. But I ain’t gonna chicken out. I’m positive they’re gonna kill me. I can see hate in their faces. Wherever I go they’re grounching. I can see their wrath. I know I’ve had it. They are gonna kill me sure as eggs. Now, I’ll tell you something: They’ll do it cowardly'" (Pedro Teixeira to his wife, Elizabeth Teixeira, before he was murdered).

"La crudité japonaise est essentiellement visuelle; elle dénote un certain état coloré de la chair ou du végétal (étant entendu que la couleur n'est jamais épuisée par un cataloguedes teintes, mais renvoie à toute une tactilité de la matière); ainsi lesachimi étale moins de couleurs que des résistances."
"La femme du général Nogi a décidé que la Mort était le sens, que l'une et l'autre se congédient en même temps et que donc, fût-ce par le visage, il ne fallait pas 'en parler'."
Roland Barthes, L'empire des signes
"It is true that Japan is a remote land, lying beyond the clouds and smoke to the east of the Dragon seas."
Dogen, Bendowa
"My girl half mutant, half Japanese"
Tommy Cash
"Le théâtre contemporain est en décadence parce qu'il a perdu le sentiment d'un côté du sérieux et de l'autre du rire. Parce qu'il a rompu avec la gravité, avec l'efficacité immédiate et pernicieuse—et pour tout dire avec le Danger."
A. Artaud

"L'égoïsme n'a jamais rien fait d'autre que cacher la haine de soi."
Joëlle (Les Samouraïs)
"... aucun progrès ne permet d'ignorer que jamais, en chiffre absolu, jamais autant d'hommes, de femmes et d'enfants n'ont été asservis, affamés ou exterminés sur la terre."
Jacques Derrida, Spectres de Marx
"... après la mobilisation totale du futurisme ou du nazisme viendra cet équilibre de la terreur entre l'Est et l'Ouest..."
Paul Virilio, L'Université du désastre
"... l'expression sensible du théologème hérité des Indo-Européens... à savoir que l'administration souveraine du monde si divise en deux grandes provinces, celle de l'inspiration et des prestiges, celle du contrat et de la chicane..."
G. Dumézi, Heurt et Malheur du Guerrier
"If you take the chimpanzees, for example, Jane Goodall, who has lived among them, said that sometimes a group of dominate males and a few females conceive a dislike for the chimpanzees on the other side of the mountain. They were organizing gangs and going out and kill them, beat them up and kill them, get pleasure out of it, drink their blood. It lasted a little while."
David Bohm (interview)

"O delegado Expedito assumiu a equipe de investigações de Sérgio Fleury após a sua morte por decisão da comunidade de informações, mas o líder da sua experiente equipe era eu. Tanto que Mineiro (policial da equipe de Fleury) me trouxe a insígnia de delegado do Fleury, que etá comigo até hoje. Achei muito simbólico.  Aliás, continuo achando..."
Cláudio Guerra, Memórias de uma guerra suja
"Dia seguinte, fui ao fórum e contei a mesma cena. Mal sabia que estava metendo a colher no caldeirão corporativo da polícia paulista. Recebi o troco três dias depois, quando quatro deles chegam de madrugada na rua Pelotas com uma ordem de busca sem apresentar qualquer documento."
Rita Lee
"La calla un perro que ladra desaforado en las cercanías; le responden dos, cinco más. Por un pequeño tragaluz, en lo alto de la habitación, Urania divisa la luna: redonda y amarilla, espléndida."
Mario Vargas Llosa, La Fiesta del Chivo
"Vocês vieram aqui para relaxar??? Quando eu cheguei lá, o Mercedes totalmente destruído estava sendo removido por um caminhão..."
Gerald Thomas, Entre Duas Fileiras

"Death was easy. A piece of pie. That is the true horror."
"Somehow there are things I'd rather not know."
"I believe it was Nietzsche—or maybe the Desi Monster—who said that every degree of power involves a corresponding degree of freedom from good and evil."
James St. James (Party  Monster)

"'Well,' as one judge said to the other, 'be just, and if you can't be just, be arbitrary'."
William Burroughs, Naked Lunch
"In the space of a couple of days we had paid two bribes to officials."
Lol Tolhurst (Cured: the tale of two imaginary boys)
"... yes, Satan is in the Vatican..."
"... mais à huit jours il voit à trente centimètres, le couteau, l'aura-t-il vu?"
Hélène Cixous
"O Mangue está cheio de raparigas que fizeram perguntas demais."
Olímpico de Jesus 
"Au-delà de l'erreur, au-delà de la bêtise elle-même: une certaine bassesse de l'âme..."
Deleuze, Nietzsche et la philosophie
"Non seulement une telle société participe à ce sacrifice incalculable, mais elle l'organise."
Jacques Derrida, Donner la mort

"Ces sentiments touchants désappointèrent presque autant M. de Charlus que l'agaça leur expression, d'une paysannerie un peu conventionnelle."
"Et les yeux de Françoise se remplissaient de larmes, mais à travers lesquelles perçait la curiosité cruelle de la paysanne."
"... les grandes tragédiennes meurent souvent victimes des complots domestiques noués autour d'elles, comme il leur arrivait tant de fois à la fin des pièces qu'elles jouaient."
Marcel Proust (le narrateur)

"— I live with the constant threat of possession, and a constant need to escape from possession, from Control. So the death of Joan brought me in contact with the invader, the Ugly Spirit, and maneuvered me into a lifelong struggle, in which I have had no choice except to write my way out."
William Burrough, Introduction to the 1985 Edition of Queer.
"— What happens when there is no limit? What is the fate of The Land Where Anything Goes? Men changing into huge centipedes... centipedes besieging the houses... a man tied to a couch and a centipede ten feet long rearing up over him."
Lee, Queer (Burroughs/Oliver Harris, 2010).

In most civilized communities public opinion condemns debauchery and drug addiction... to moral disapproval is added fiscal discouragement... But when we pass from drug-taking and elementary sexuality to the third main avenue of downward self-transcendence, we find, on the part of moralists and legislators, a very different and much more indulgent attitude. This seems all the more surprising since crowd-delirium, as we may call it, is more immediately dangerous to social order, more dramatically a menace to that thin crust of decency, reasonableness and mutual tolerance which constitutes a civilization... Religious and politcal ceremonials are welcomed by the masses as oportunities for getting drunk on herd-poison, and by their rulers as opportunities for planting suggestions in minds which have momentarily ceased to be capable of reason or free will... (Aldous Huxley, The Devils of Loudun).

"In the late nineties investigators uncovered superfaturamento in a Maluf project built by a subsidiary of Odebrecht, the construction giant, along with a smaller firm. Originally budgeted at seventy-five million dollars, the not-very-long tunnel under Ibirapuera Park ended up costing five times that amount. Maluf paid for it in part by cutting the city’s budged for health and education. It took… four years after he’d stepped down as mayor for prosecutors to indict him… It took a judge until 2009 to reach a conviction… The long Maluf ever spent in jail was forty days… There is a saying in Brazil: 'Rouba mas faz'—He steals, but he gets things done… in the cavernous spaces [of the Big Worm freeway built by Maluf in 1971] I’d seen clumps of people sharing crack pipes on soiled mattresses" (Alex Cuadros, Brazilionaires, p. 35-37).
"Thor [Batista] posted photos of his injuries on Twitter... red scratches streaked his biceps. It didn't look too bad. Actually, it looked like he was flexing" (Brazillionaires, p. 164). Thor is Eike Batista's son, who ran over the cyclist Wanderson Pereira dos Santos on a highway in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2012). The heart of the cyclist was found inside the McLaren driven by Thor well above the speed limit (this was actually the second person Thor had killed while driving). Thor escaped the accident almost unhurt, except for the biceps red scratches. He paid compensation to the victim's family and two months later was indicted for manslaughter by the prosecution. Wanderson used to work near the highway unloading trucks.
Later on, towards the end of 2014, when Eike Batista himself was standing trial for things such as insider trading and market manipulation, several of his assets were seized to secure payment for fines while the trial was put on hold. But the judge (!) responsible for the case, Flavio Souza, misappropriated these assets for personal use. "One of Thor's friends happened to live in the same apartment building as Souza, and he spotted what looked like Eike's white Porsche Cayenne in the garage... Someone else photographed Souza driving the Porsche to work that day. A reporter got Souza on the phone, and the judge claimed he'd taken the Porsche home because he didn't want it damaged by rain and sun in the impound lot. There was no legal provision for this, obviously" (Brazillionaires, p. 268).

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