Sunday, November 29, 2015

Brazil's most recent contribution to the disillusionment of humanitarian rhetoric

Bonna Petit!!! (A/Z, 2017);

After being arrested, the senator Delcídio do Amaral now says that “it was for humanitarian reasons” that he plotted to “help” Mr. Cerveró flying to Spain.*** 
Here we have the sixth largest economy of the world sank into a serious economic crisis and the environmental tragedy of Mariana. The senator Delcídio Amaral was the political articulator of the government in the House of Senators. 
By “disillusionment of humanitarian rhetoric,” I don’t mean that Delcídio is lying (although he is). What he says, on the other hand, is not simply false. It is rather true, because the meaning of words such as “humanitarian” as they have been used by this leftist government is now completely eroded. And it won't be available in the near future for any wing whatsoever.  
Regression will only be worse if the right pretend to be more "humanitarian" than the left, and start to do so by rushing to dismantle the social policies that have been so far implemented.

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