Saturday, August 25, 2018

Musée de Cluny & the Praying Mantis

All pictures by A/Z (for more see here);

"At some point became clear that that figure could only be approached through bassesse, through lowering, through going beneath the figure into the terrain of formlessness. And it also became clear that the act of lowering could, itself, only register through the vehicle of a trace of index, through, that is, the stain that would fissure the event from within into an act of aggression, and mark, or residue — a clutch!" (Rosalind Krauss, The Optical Unconscious);

"Rigid, immobile, wraithlike, the mantis's posture in life is to mime the inanimate. But its drive to imitate doesn't stop with the defense of its organism, Caillois says... For even decapitated the praying mantis continues to function and thus to perform a hideously robotic dance of life... 'have coitus, lay eggs, build a cocoon... fall into a fake, cadaverous immobility... dead, the mantis can simulate death'" (Rosalind Krauss, The Visual Unconscious);

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