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timothy leary in the 1990s &/or how to talk nineteen to the dozen like a digital maniac even if you aren't

The great abyss inframince;
Crows in Berg (Inter) View & Pillage (for more see here);

"Leibniz saw in his binary arithmetic the image of Creation... He imagined that Unity represented God, and Zero the void... [And] alas! What was once hailed as a monument to monotheism ended in the bowels of a robot."
Laplace vs. Tobias Dantzig
"... [nous assistons à] la FRACTALISATION de l'étendue se doublant de celle des durées relatives à ce continuum d'une Histoire générale, en voie d'abolition instantanée..."
Paul Virilio
"... avec l'effraction de l'instant, la fractalisation du tempo historique, les nanochronologies de l'effet de réel entrouvrent la possibilité inouïe d'un dépassement de l'économique à l'avantage de l'astronomique..." 
Paul Virilio
"Once again we are entering a phase of scientific development when pioneering investigations can be done by non-professionals... there are computers in millions of homes. There are more people with leisure than ever before."
Rupert Sheldrake 
"There are two experiences: One is movement in relation to other things; the other is the sense of flow. The movement of meaning is the sense of flow. But even in moving through space, there is a movement of meaning. In a moving picture, with twenty-four frames per second, one frame follows another, moving from the eye through the optic nerve, into the brain. The experience of several frames together gives you the sense of flow. This is a direct experience of the implicate order."
David Bohm as Gilles Deleuze's (interview)

"Let me quote the wise old drug experimenter, Thomas de Quincey: 'the machinery for dreaming and the imagination was not implanted for nothing'" (xii);
"It turns out that the brain is a galactic network of a hundred billion neurons" (xiv);
"Around 1900, physicists (Einstein, Heisenberg, etc.) demonstrated that the elements of all energy matter in the universe, out there or down here, consist of quanta of information. Light. During the Roaring 20th Century, the equations of quantum physics led to the development of quantum appliances that allowed humans to receive, process, and transmit electronic images. Telephone, cinema, radio, television, computers, compact discs, fax machines; suddenly humans were creating digital realities that were accessed on living-room screens. This universe of electronica signals, in which we now spend so much time, has been called Cyberia" (3);
"The advent of personal and interpersonal computers, digital editors, and audio-video gear (1976-90) turned the average American home into an electronic information center..." (7);
"Just before yesterday, around 1984, a combination of American creativity and Japanese precision suddenly mass-produced inexpensive, do-it-yourself home appliances for individuals to electronify, digitize, and transmit personal realities. Digital communication translates the recording of any sound or photograph of any image into clusters of quanta or fuzzy clouds of off/on information. Any image digitized by an individual human can then be flashed on telephone lines around the world inexpensively at light speed... The basic elements of the youniverse, according to quantum-digital physics, can be understood as consisting of quanta of information, bits of compressed digital programs. These elements of pure (0/1) information contain incredibly detailed algorithms to program potential sequences for fifteen billion years—and still running. These information-jammed units have only one hardware-external function. All they do is flash off/on when the immediate environment triggers a complex array of 'if-if-if-if... THEN!' algorithms" (14);
"In the cybernetic age now dawning, 'Digital Power to the People' provides everyone the inexpensive option to cast, script, direct, produce, and distribute his or her own movie. Custom-made, tallorized, in the convenient sizes—mammoth, giant, regular, and byte-sized mini" (16);
"The equipment used by this family costs less than a standard 1990 television set, that pathetic junk-food spud-box with no power to store or process electronic information" (19);
"Nothing from our rich, glorious past will be eliminated... we will drive cars, as we now ride horses, for pleasure" (20);
"Burroughs and I are close friends. We've been through a lot together. I went to Tangier in 1961. I was in a hotel bar and Burroughs walks in with these two beautiful English boys. I tarted telling him about these new drugs and, of course, he knew much more about drugs than anyone in the world!" (24);
"The film industry's never been able to do anything with Gravity's Rainbow" (27);
"Hesse was hanging out in Basel, home of Paracelsus" (30);
"Computers will not replace real people. They will replace middle and low-level bureaucrats" (33);
"The human brain has a hundred billion neurons, and each neuron has the knowledge-processing capacity of a powerful computer. The human brain has more connections than there are atoms in the universe" (35);
"Much of Steve Job's astounding success in developing the Apple and the Mac was explicitly motivated by his crusade against IBM, seen as the archenemy of the 1960s counterculture" (40); 
"Physicists are traditionally assigned the task of sorting out the nature of reality. So it was Eistein, Planck, Heisenberg, Bohr, et. al, who figured out that the units of energy/matter were subatomic particles that zoom around in clouds of ever-changing, off-on, 0-1, yin-yang probabilities" (45);
"Next time you boot up your Mac, breathe a word of gratitude to Emerson, Stein, Yeats, Pound, Huxley, Beckett, Orwell, Burroughs, Gysin—all of whom succeeded in loosening social, political, religious linearities, and encouraging subjectivity an innovative reprogramming of chaotic realities... Imagine what James Joyce could have done with MS Word or a CD-ROM graphic system or a modern data base! Well, we don't have to imagine—he actually managed to do it using his own brainware" (47); 
***Everything from Timothy Leary's Chaos & Cyber Culture (Berkeley: Ronin, 1994/2014);

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