Saturday, January 21, 2017

A Place Where Everything Is Permitted &/or Brazil in the Era of Post Truth Politics

The fist video you saw above is available in the official site of Brazil's
Chamber of Deputies (it is the sixth video available in this page):
Bonna Petit!!! (by A/Z, for more see here);

"Aparecido Laertes Calandra, codinome capitão Ubirajara, é figura carimbada em todas as listas de grupos de direitos humanos e foi reconhecido por diversas vítimas como torturador... Este estava na ativa até pouco tempo atrás. Geraldo Alckmin, governador de São Paulo, em 2003 uso a Lei da Anistia para justificar a nomeação dele para o Departamento de Inteligência do Departamento Estadual de Investigações sobre Narcóticos da Polícia Civil do estado."
Marcelo Netto & Rogério Medeiros

A minha pintura, sombria, dramática, suja, corresponde à verdade mais profunda que habita no íntimo de uma burguesia que cobre a miséria do dia a dia com o colorido das orgias e da alienação do povo.
Iberê Camargo, Gaveta dos Guardados
That supercreepy feeling that something, somewhere, is horribly, horribly wrong?
James St. James, Freak Show

In 20 minutes, the journalist Marco Aurélio Flores Carone (1) gives his view on why and how he was imprisoned, and (2) denounces an widespread (and scary) corruption scheme dating back to the government of PSDB in Minas Gerais (and still effective during the present government of PT). What he tells about Aecio Neves' alleged history of substance abuse (while governor) is just a minor issue. But he refers, for instance, to a place he calls unabashedly a "laundry of crimes" (9'50" of the video), where detainees beaten up by the police are kept hidden. He refers to scandalous underpricing in the sell of niobium to the London stock exchange and other criminal activities which would have implications for the Mariana mining disaster and the operation Car Wash. 
Whether true or not, these are appalling affirmations. The media has a duty to scrutinize all facts related to them. Why are they not doing this? I wouldn't put my trust in Rede Globo or Bandeirantes, but more "alternative" media (which in Brazil includes, besides Glenn Greenwald and The Intercept foreign corporations such as BBC, DW and El Pais) should be concerned. 
Under such a shadow can a country be called a democracy?
***Months after I wrote this, senator Aecio Neves was caught on tape asking for laundered money among other things. The scandal leaked to the press by a journalist of O Globo and Globonews covered all the issues involved, which led to the suspension of his mandate. 

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